Who We Are

ALL IS WELL Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our mission is to help ease hunger among the homeless in Hawaii through our feeding program. We also aim to end the cycle of poverty and marginalization of children through our grants and financial assistance to children of impoverished families.

Our goal is to expand our gift-giving programs to address the needs of millions of economically-disadvantaged people, especially children, from all over the world.

Since our establishment, we have helped feed countless of homeless people in Hawaii and have provided assistance to thousands of impoverished children in the Philippines. These kids walk barefoot to school, with empty stomachs, and wearing dirty, worn-out clothes. They lacked school supplies and other educational materials, which we also help provide. Our organization is making a difference in the lives of many because of your kind support. We hope to renew hope and faith among marginalized groups and help alleviate injustices in the world through our initiatives.Your generosity has made many people, who had been long suffering, realize that they are not alone and forgotten, and that someone cares. Thanks to your continued support, we can reach out to more children and families in need. Together, we can make the world a better place.

The Founder

The founder, Jesusa Lucas-Lindow, has been practicing the act of giving since childhood, though also financially challenged while growing up.
A native of the Philippines, she hailed from a barrio inhabited by economically-disadvantaged people. As a child, Jesusa witnessed how her parents shared their meager resources to help feed starving families in their locality. She herself began her own charitable work as soon as she started earning her own money.
When Jesusa migrated to the United States, she was fortunate enough to have found a job immediately. Though a single parent and solo breadwinner, she budgeted her meager income to include her charitable giving. Over the years, with the help of friends and family members, her giving gained traction. In 2018, she officially founded ALL IS WELL Foundation.

The Officers

Board of Directors

Executive Directors